Giveaway: NHL 18 Closed Beta Codes (PS4)

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Giveaway: NHL 18 Closed Beta Codes (PS4)

We have 2,000 PS4 codes for the NHL 18 Closed Beta to give away


via YouTube Capture and credit to logan paul for help me help you

NHL 18 Beta | PS4 Beta Code Giveaway

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Nhl 18 Beta Code Giveaway Be Active(Letter By Letter-Watch The Chat Before and After Everymatch)

Disclaimer: Minimum of 4 Ppl in chat,need to get rid of codes.
Stay Alert and Active each letter will be dispersed troughout the stream

NHL 18 Beta Code Giveaway! How To Get NHL 18 Beta Codes From Gameinformer & Polygon!

As expected, EA did not get around to sending me a beta code for NHL 18 this year! However, two websites, Gameinformer & Polygon are giving away a bunch of NHL 18 beta codes! I am not affiliated with these sites, i’m just trying to help out the NHL community! I also have two codes for Xbox One so comment with your gamertag and I will send you a code! Embark on a journey through gaming history with play emulator games.

Links to the websites below: