Supreme Commander 2 Review

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Supreme Commander 2 Review

This slick and fun strategy sequel bridges the gap between complexity and accessibility.

Let’s Take a Look at Supreme Commander 2 : : Tutorial and Review

Taking a look at Supreme Commander 2 from SquareEnix and GPG. Created by Chris Taylor. This game is a great example of a strategic rts, with strategic zoom and epic battles, you will seldom get bored.

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Balance: 1
Versatility/Replay-ability: 1.7
Epicness: 2
Multiplayer: 1.5
Visuals/Design: .7
Story: .5
AI: .5

TOTAL: 7.9/10

Supreme Commander 2 | How Long Can I Turtle???

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Why does everyone HATE Supreme Commander 2?

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Supreme Commander 2 catches a lot of flak as a sequel to one of, if not the best RTS made. So why does everyone hate it?

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Supreme Commander 2 Review

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